该 leadership team has been monitoring the coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak 和 its spread since it first made news. 


covid-19 和 Returning to Campus after Spring Break


We wanted to provide some brief answers to questions you may have:

保健人性化服务北卡罗来纳部门 cautions that masks are recommended for use by sick people to prevent the spread of the disease, not by people who are well.

Please see the guidance in the March 3 和 February 27 messages below.

I am returning from a foreign trip.  What should I do?
该re were no 12bet体育平台-led spring break trips to areas to which the Centers for Disease Control have applied a Level 3 alert (China, 伊朗, 意大利, Korea), nor did any individuals register with travel to such an area. If you did travel to an area under one of those alerts, the CDC is recommending you stay home for 14 days from the time you left an area with the Level 3 Travel Health Notice.  Please reach out to Health & Well-Being, and the college will work with you on living arrangements 和 class obligations. 

该 greatest risk right now remains the flu, 和 the preventive measures for the flu are equally helpful in preventing covid-19, specifically:

  • Wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer.  Be mindful of when your hands touch a public surface 和 should be washed.
  • 避免触摸你的脸。 (2015年的研究 found that participants did this 23 times an hour.)
  • Cover your mouth 和 nose when you cough or sneeze, either with a tissue or into your elbow.
  • Don’t share food, drinks, cigarettes or vapes, 和 other items that touch your mouth or nose.
  • 呆在家里,如果你感觉不舒服,接触 健康和福祉 about a fever (100.4F/38C or higher), cough or shortness of breath.

I’m a student 和 I don’t feel well. What should I do?

  • 接触健康和福祉
  • 联系您的住宿教授
  • Take care of yourself:  get rest, food 和 any medicines that you need

My roommate is returning from an overseas trip. What should I do?

  • If your roommate was in an affected area, please encourage them to contact Health & Well-Being 和 follow CDC guidance.      
  • If your roommate was not in an affected are, you both should follow the preventive steps outlined above 和 watch for any symptoms.

My roommate or friend is ill, 和 I’m worried.  What should I do?
鼓励他们联系,请 Health & Well-Being.

Are you cancelling campus events, like concerts or games, 和, if not, should I attend them?

What kind of preventive measures is the college taking?

CDCNCDHHS both provide robust web pages with information about covid-19; this webpage provides college-specific information.




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We have taken all possible proactive steps on campus, including plans 和 protocols that follow CDC guidance.   

Students should feel free to consult with their partner program liaison with any questions, 和 12bet体育平台 staff remain accessible to discuss individual concerns.



该 disease has spread to several countries, including: 意大利, 韩国, 日本 和 Greece.